Content marketing benefits: short term pain vs long term gain

long term content marketing benefitsOne of the key benefits of content marketing is that it helps differentiate you from your competitors in an increasingly crowded and noisy market.

With all manner of services increasingly being delivered online, speedy and reliable shipping, and our competitors just a Google search away, for most of us the time when our competitors were just those in our neighbourhood or town is long gone. Many of us now have to compete with cheaper suppliers from all around New Zealand and indeed the world.

That’s no problem if you have a large advertising budget to buy up all the local eyeballs, but what if you don’t have that luxury? Read more

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Don’t be evil – what Google’s ditching of sidebar ads means for content marketing

dont' be evil - what Google's ditching of sidebar ads means for content marketing

You may have noticed that Google has removed its pay-per-click ads from the right hand sidebar of your Google search page, and is replacing them with at least one additional advert on the top.

The reason is that ads at the top of the page get far more clicks for Google than ads on the right hand side, and therefore they cost more. This is partly because they look like organic search results, but also because ads on the right hand side don’t work for the increasing proportion of people browsing the internet via mobile phones and tablets. So what does this mean for content marketing? Read more

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2016 NZ Content Marketing Conference

2016 Content Marketing Conference - Espire Media

It’s that time again… New Zealand’s premier annual learning and development event for content marketers.

There’s a great lineup of speakers, presenters and workshops, bringing you insights from both agency/consulting and brand sides.

Highlighting the conference is our own Head of Content, Colin Kennedy, who will be sharing some of his knowledge and experience as one of New Zealand’s pioneering brand journalists and content marketers on Day 2.

If you’re a sales or marketing professional, or business owner who wants to be up with the play with the most commercially valuable marketing skill right now, you won’t want to miss this fantastic learning opportunity.

What: 2016 Content Marketing Conference
When: 1 & 2 March, 2016
Where: Viaduct Events Centre, Auckland
Tickets: Available here (Early bird tickets close 2 Feb 2016)

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The Information Age is over. Say Hello to the Connection Age.

The Information Age is over. Say Hello to the Connection Age.

It’s the start of a new year and for most businesses, now is the time they will be deciding not if, but how, they are going to ramp up their content marketing efforts for the new financial year.

Will they invest more resource in inspirational written content? Are they going to initiate a new YouTube channel? Will they be hosting more value-added events? Perhaps even launch their own multimedia digital magazine?

But despite content marketing being voted the most commercially important marketing skill for the last three years running, some businesses will still be asking themselves if it’s really worth the bother. Isn’t content marketing just another buzzword? Another expensive fad with a hard to measure ROI that will take our focus away from good old fashioned sales-as-we-know-it? Read more

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