What is content marketing?

What is content marketing? Content marketing is the process of attracting and retaining customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behaviour.

Content marketing is nothing new. A good example of good content marketing done well is John Deere’s The Furrow magazine, which has been around since 1887. Here in New Zealand, Air New Zealand’s Kia Ora magazine is a good high-end example, as was the newsletter that Hubbards Foods enclosed in their cereal boxes.

Today however, most content marketing happens online, but that’s not to say content marketing is exclusively associated with digital media. Good content may be published online, or in printed magazines, books, newsletters – even CDs and USB sticks. The channel and the form (e.g. video or article) do not define good content marketing, that’s the job of the content itself.

Content marketing done well, adds value to your target audiences in a form they prefer, across channels they frequent or are exposed to.

Where most companies fail is that they create content that is either irrelevant, boring or of no interest to the target audiences because they have failed to understand that their audiences are not necessarily as enamoured with who they are and what they do, as they are.

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