The Content Creation Cookbook

Welcome to The Content Creation Cookbook – our guide to creating engaging content for the New Zealand market.

The Content Creation Cookbook

We wrote this because the more clients we talk to, the more we hear that while companies understand the value of content marketing, they’re a bit intimidated by the realisation that it is a hungry beast that constantly demands new ideas and fresh material.

The objective of this eBook is to give you the foundations to creating your own reservoir of content ideas, as well as some of the skills and, in particular, the critical thinking tools you will need to make sure you’re delivering content that is engaging, relevant and timely. Please enjoy!

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A note from the author

Chapter 1: What is content marketing?

Chapter 2, Part 1: Why do we need to take content marketing seriously?

Chapter 2, Part 2: Exposing the dangers of content clutter and bad content

Chapter 3: How to create content that is unique to you

Chapter 4, Part 1: Engaging with content

Chapter 4, Part 2: How to gather the information about your audience

Chapter 4, Part 3: Segmenting your buyer personas

Chapter 4, Part 4: How to develop an empathy map

Chapter 4, Part 5: Organise your content according to the decision-making cycle of your market

Chapter 4, Part 6: A local New Zealand example

Chapter 5, Part 1: Relevance is at the heart of dynamic and responsive content

Chapter 5, Part 2: Some thoughts on advertorials

Chapter 6, Part 1: How to structure stories; two easy formulas – Example A, the problem story

Chapter 6, Part 2: Example B, the archetype story

Chapter 7: Publishing simplified

Chapter 8: Conclusion: Put your audience first